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Who gets spousal support and why?

Alimony Attorney Jacksonville

In Florida there is no such thing as “standard” alimony. Whether it is temporary family support, short or temporary alimony, or more long-term or permanent support, a number of factors will determine the type and amount of alimony awarded. We provide an informed analysis of your financial situation, advice regarding your legal rights, and guidance to resolve your legal issues and family law matters. Let us help replace the confusion and uncertainty with direction, focus, and stability.


  • Am I entitled to support or will I be required to pay support?

  • If so, what kind,… how much, … when,… and from where… do I get these monies?

  • How is alimony determined?

  • In evaluating my need for financial assistance from my spouse, which types of alimony do I qualify for in regard to temporary and permanent alimony such as: bridge-the-gap; rehabilitative; lump-sum alimony; or permanent alimony?

  • What are the tax consequences of receiving or paying alimony? How do the tax considerations affect the payer and payee spouse?

  • Payer Spouse: How can I modify alimony payments?

  • What happens if I lose my job through no fault of my own?

  • What happens if my salary is reduced or increased?

  • What happens if I just quit my job?

  • How can I enforce the payment of alimony when my x- spouse remarries and attempts to lower my allocated payments in order to fund the next Mr. or Mrs?

  • What happens to my alimony payments when I retire? Does the Court take my retirement into consideration when I am paying or receiving permanent alimony?

  • Does it affect my alimony payments if my spouse spent money on extra-marital affairs?

  • If I am awarded alimony payments but decide to remarry, what happens to my support?

  • What is the criteria to defend or defeat an argument for being “under-employed” or unemployed?

  • What if my wife makes more money than I do? Do I still have to pay alimony?

  • Will alimony payments stop upon my death?


What is the basic legal criteria for assessing the amount of alimony one pays or receives?

        Whether you are the “paying alimony” spouse or the “receiving alimony” spouse, Tom and Debra Treece, your Alimony Legal Team, will address all of the issues of support from both perspectives. As you will learn, the amount of alimony to be paid is based on two very important factors: 1) the ability of the spouse with the higher income to pay; and 2) the needs of the receiving or dependent spouse.

     In assessing the amount, type, and duration of alimony, the Court takes into account the following considerations: 1) the length of the marriage; 2) the standard of living acquired during the marriage; 3) each party’s contribution to the marriage whether in the home as homemaker and child care or employment; 5) educational resources; 6) the age, physical, and emotional health of the parties; 7) each party’s financial resources, including both non-marital and marital assets; 8) marital funds spent on extra-marital affairs.

    Determining the entitlement of support and the amount of spousal support/alimony is a critical issue for each spouse. Your Alimony Legal Team at TREECE & TREECE will schedule a consultation designed to obtain the facts and pertinent information relating to spousal support whether you are the payer spouse or the payee spouse.

        Throughout the Divorce Procedure, we are extremely concerned with your ability to secure and/or rebuild a very comfortable level of financial security. The Florida Laws provide spouses six possibilities regarding the type of alimony applicable to your case and it is in your best interest to consult with our very experienced alimony lawyers as soon as possible to fully understand your rights and exposure. Whether your need is to fight for sufficient alimony or to defend against unfair exposure, we carefully guide you through the issues of spousal support.

       To meet your needs, we have to know what they are. When we take your case, we will provide you with personalized care. That means that, instead of providing you with a one-size-fits-all type of legal strategy, we will design one based specifically on your situation and your goals. We will educate you about the process, and keep you involved in all the decisions to be made along the way. We will guide you through the process of divorce and spousal maintenance efficiently and effectively. Call us Today!

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